Heiniger, specialist in clippers and combs for animals.

Heiniger is the specialist in horse clippers, but they also fit for any other animals !

Solid and easy to use, come and discover this wide range as well as its changeable combs for precision mowing according to your desires.

Where can I find Heiniger horse clippers and combs ? At West Cheval of course !

Heiniger, when mowing becomes a pleasure

The Heiniger company specializes in the design of products dedicated to animal clipping.

Their clippers are recognized worldwide for their strength and ease of use. Indeed, these mowers make mowing very pleasant since they are very light and their combs are very easy to change.

You are bound to find the clipper that suits you among the wide range of Heiniger horse clippers.

You can find all the Heiniger products on our website westcheval.fr or in our shop at the Pôle Européen du Cheval in Le Mans.

Heiniger products catalogs

The Delta 3

The Heiniger Delta 3 clipper is revolutionary, since unlike many clippers, it is made of a single housing. It is described by the brand as THE mower of the 21st century.

The Saphir style

The Saphir Style is an ideal model for finishes such as the head, limbs and sensitive areas. It is very practical since it can be used wirelessly. Its lithium ionized battery gives it a superb autonomy of 60 minutes and a record charging time of 45 minutes.

The Saphir style with a cable

Heiniger’s Saphir model with a cable has the same mowing properties as its evolution, the Saphir Style. It is just as light, comfortable in hand and precise, the only difference is that it must be used with a cable.

The Xperience

The Xperience clipper is the perfect model to give your horse a precise and fine clipper. Its performance being matched only by its lightness, this mower is nonetheless as light as a finishing clipper.

Its perfect ergonomics make it very pleasant to hold, which makes clipping much easier.

The wireless Xplorer

As Heiniger’s flagship product, the Xplorer trimmer fulfills all the criteria to be the perfect trimmer. This one is very light and weighs less than a kilo, which is a record among horse clippers. The Xplorer is also very quiet and will suit even the most stressed horses when shearing.

In addition, it can be used wirelessly, which will make mowing a real pleasure !

The Evo

The Evo clipper is a model that is mainly used to trim sheeps. It has a suspended motor and is only suitable to clip animals with long and thick hair.

The Style Mini

Heiniger’s Style Mini is a very small precision trimmer that allows you to perfect the trim on very delicate areas such as the head.


Heiniger offers batteries that can be purchased separately for the Saphir and Xplorer models. This will allow you to have a pre-charged battery and not stop mowing to recharge your clipper.

They are widely used by grooms to shear several horses in a row in the same day. They use one battery on the mower while the other charges. Clever, isn’t it ?


Heiniger offers classic comb sets for its Progress, Delta 3, Xperience or Xplorer clippers. Depending on the length of hair that the comb will leave, the mowing will be more or less short. Here are our guidelines to choose your Heiniger combs :

  • Very thin (1 mm) : sport horse in summer
  • Thin (1,5 mm) : Sport horse in winter
  • Standard (3 mm) : horse at work in winter

Heiniger also offers cutting heads for finishing mowers such as the Saphir model.

Heiniger products can be shipped to France, Switzerland and throughout Europe.


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